Baking Mixes

These baking mixes are great for when you are having a sweet tooth but don't want to start from scratch. My husband's favorite mix is the Blondie mix and they are so simple he makes them himself.


I have found these ingredients to be necessary for my day to day cooking. There are plenty of recipes on this blog, and in my Simply Keto and Beyond Simply Keto, where I use these ingredients.

Favorite Kitchen Tools

You have to have the right tool for the job, and these are my favorite tools. You can definitely get by without buying certain tools to cook, but it will surely make your life easier.

Ketone Testing

We test our ketones a lot to make sure we are making the best possible choices. You must read the labels on the food that you consume but knowing exactly how foods can affect your ketone levels is invaluable. These meters will check your blood ketone levels which is far more accurate than acetone and urine tests.

My Books

I've worked hard to compile my knowledge of the ketogenic diet into these books. Simply Keto is my first book and does a complete deep dive into the ketogenic diet before we get into the recipes. Beyond Simply Keto is a great guide for the journey of dealing with being enough and finding and nurturing your growth mindset. The with over 200 recipes combined they make a great pair on any bookshelf.


These are my favorite spices, sauces, etc., and will really add flavor to all the foods you prepare. I use most of these in my day to day cooking.

Recommended Books

These books really opened my eyes to the world of Keto and low carb living and showed me the science behind why it works so well. If you're looking to go deeper than Simply Keto and Beyond Simply Keto, these are time tested guides that will really give you perspective of the ketogenic diet.

Subscription Boxes

As a busy mom and author, I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with all the new keto snacks coming out. These services range from bringing you new snacks monthly, to even getting amazing meat, poultry, and seafood delivered to your door.


Whenever you're craving a sweet treat, it sure is nice to have alternatives to sugar. I use these sweeteners in my dessert recipes, my morning coffee, and anywhere I need a sugar substitute. Most of these will measure 1 / 1 with sugar, but please make sure you read the instructions to make sure.