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    LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

    As many of you know, I lost 120 lbs simply by switching to the ketogenic lifestyle! After almost three years later, I decided to write a book. Simply Keto is a…

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    The Today Show with Megyn Kelly

    As many of you know, the ketogenic lifestyle has completely changed my life, and it was truly an honor to share about keto today on The Today Show! I have no…

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    My goodness where has this week, wait…where has this YEAR gone? Can you guys believe there are only a little over 12 weeks left until 2018?! I’ve been busy finishing the…

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    Suzanne Ryan’s Simply Keto

    Simply Keto I am SO excited to officially announce what I’ve been working on for the last year! I’m writing a book called Simply Keto! A little over two years ago…

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    Let’s face it, when people hear you’re on a low carb, HIGH FAT diet, one of the first questions is regarding cholesterol and heart health. I’m so excited to share these…

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    PCOS and Keto

    Learn about the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for women with PCOS. Google hangout with two amazing women who use Keto to combat symptoms of PCOS, and well as to lose…