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  • Avocado Lime Deviled Eggs

    One of my favorite appetizers to serve and snacks to have on hand are deviled eggs. Most people seem to love them! Not only are they quick to make, they’re… Read More

  • Flavor packed recipe for Keto Egg Roll In A Bowl.

    Keto Egg Roll in a Bowl

    Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes from my new book, Beyond Simply Keto. Like many of you, we are under a shelter in place… Read More

  • This recipe for low carb pizza egg cups is not only delicious, but it's also quick and super easy to prepare.

    Keto Pizza Egg Cups

    If you have my first book, Simply Keto, then you know that my daughter and husband love pizza! Once we perfected personal keto pizzas, we decided to try our hand… Read More

  • This flavorful keto chicken stir fry recipe is packed full of crisp, tender veggies.

    Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry

    This flavorful keto chicken stir fry is packed full of crisp, tender veggies. There are so many flavors and textures in this dish. Fresh ginger and green onions provide bright,… Read More

  • Recipe for keto friendly Bacon Gruyere egg bites.

    Bacon Gruyere Egg Bites

    Bacon Gruyere egg bites are one of my favorite things to make while meal prepping for a busy week ahead.  This “copycat” version of the popular on-the-go option from Starbucks… Read More

  • Recipe for keto baked eggs and fresh herbs.

    Baked Eggs with Fresh Herbs

    Do you have extra fresh herbs from a previous recipe? Let’s use those for keto baked eggs before they go to waste! You’ll have breakfast on the table in less… Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Hummus

    Hummus is a favorite snack, and I still enjoy it regularly. While hummus is traditionally made with chickpeas, you won’t miss them here because I use cauliflower in their place.… Read More